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Insight Scope Product Datasheet

Insight Scope Datasheet

Insight Scope gives everyone across your healthcare company or agency an easy way to research issues with self-service reporting and querying of claim, provider, facility and member behavior. Easy-to-use queries and reports make it easy for anyone to take the initiative, follow the data, and act quickly to address problems.

This product datasheet explains how the Insight Scope product works and how it can democratize access to claim, provider, facility and member insights and behavior-based context with easy-to-use reports and queries.

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Our Forensic AI Engine analyzes your data, detects problems, and builds connections across your data to provide actionable insights

Insight Scope

For everyone across the health plan

Clinical Scope

For clinical teams

Network Scope

For network teams

Payment Scope

For payment integrity teams

Provider Scope

For network and payment teams

Fraud Scope

For SIU teams


We provide a full range of professional services, from data migration and ongoing customer success through flexible virtual SIU options.

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