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 AI Summit for Payment Integrity Professionals Aims to Distinguish Hype from Reality Amid the Evolution of Generative AI in Healthcare


 AI Summit for Payment Integrity Professionals Aims to Distinguish Hype from Reality Amid the Evolution of Generative AI in Healthcare 

In-person event hosted by AI for PI Community in Atlanta on June 6-7 features talks with U.S. Representative David Schweikert and Rich McCormick and sessions with leading health plans, PBMs, and technology organizations

Atlanta, GA. (May 16, 2024) – The AI for PI Community, the premier group for healthcare payment integrity professionals seeking to learn about and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve payment accuracy and reduce fraud, waste, abuse, and error, today announced it will host an AI Summit June 6 and 7. The in-person event will be held in Atlanta at the Renaissance Gateway Airport Hotel. 

The Summit, themed “Generative AI in Payment Integrity: Separating Fantasy from Reality,” will bring together esteemed policy makers and academics, top AI technologists, and senior leaders in payment integrity for a comprehensive exploration of:

  • AI and Generative AI innovations and implications to the healthcare industry
  • Transformative impacts of AI on payment integrity and fraud prevention
  • Regulatory and technical considerations implementing generative AI solutions
  • Necessary people, process, and technology changes for the successful adoption of AI
  • Best practices for building a compelling business case, evaluating solutions, and implementation

The agenda features a keynote talk by David Schweikert, U.S. Representative of Arizona’s 1st District, about the realistic capabilities of AI, its impact on healthcare, and the necessary steps for successful cost reduction.

Other industry leaders on the agenda representing a variety of leading healthcare organizations include Christy Donohaue, Senior Vice President Medicaid/CHIP; Mark Braunstein Ph.D., Scientist; Sheila Caulfield, Director of Corporate Recoveries; Nana Okyere, Director of Operations Analytics; Chris Hammond, Compliance and Investigation Director; Priscilla Alfaro, MD, VP Payment Integrity; and Rae McIntee, DDS, Medical and Dental Director of Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Payment Integrity and Utilization Management.  

“The AI for PI Community is thrilled with the level of interest and enthusiasm from leaders across all facets of healthcare to advance the common goal of finding innovative strategies to create an affordable healthcare system,” stated Dr. Musheer Ahmed, Founder of the AI for PI Community and CEO of Codoxo. “We look forward to gathering in person to explore how to distinguish between realistic capabilities and overhyped expectations of ever-evolving generative AI technologies and applications.”

AI Summit sponsors and partners include AWS, HealthEdge, Wipro and DRG Claims Management

To register or for more information, please visit: The event is free for all healthcare payers, agencies and PBMS. To stay connected, payment integrity professionals and industry stakeholders are encouraged to follow the public AI for PI LinkedIn Page and submit a request to join the private community at the AI for PI LinkedIn Group

About the AI for PI Community 

The AI for PI Community brings together healthcare payment integrity professionals to learn about and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies and solutions that collectively and actionably reduce the rising cost of care. Through education, networking, and shared best practices and use cases, AI for PI aims to inform and inspire thousands of healthcare payer, government agency, and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) teams seeking innovative “shift-left” strategies that safeguard their bottom lines and contribute to a less costly U.S. healthcare system.