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Codoxo Empowers Healthcare Organizations to Identify and Avoid Fraud With Monthly Forensic AI Alerts


Codoxo Empowers Healthcare Organizations to Identify and Avoid Fraud With Monthly Forensic AI Alerts

AI Alerts help healthcare leaders prepare for a better tomorrow through critical updates for cost containment and payment integrity teams

ATLANTA (August 16, 2022) – Codoxo, a trusted provider of healthcare artificial intelligence solutions, today announced its Forensic AI Alert Series, a monthly report that empowers healthcare cost containment and payment integrity teams to identify and manage rapidly emerging fraud schemes that increase financial risk. Research shows that three-quarters of healthcare executives say that cost containment is a high priority for them in 2022 and more than a third (37%) say it’s their top focus.

Codoxo’s Forensic AI Alerts are developed by a team of payment integrity and fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) experts. They cover critical fraud updates, data mandates and coding changes that are difficult for internal SIU and payment integrity teams to track, while providing best practices and specific steps on how to act upon them. Topics covered include:

• New and emerging schemes to watch
• Code updates – procedure, diagnosis, evaluation, especially those that could be ripe for fraud
• Coverage criteria updates
• Supplemental references

“Our Forensic AI Alerts allow us to consistently share the timeliest facts and most urgent recommendations on healthcare fraud and abuse topics that have the real potential to negatively impact healthcare plans and others in the healthcare ecosystem,” said Rena Bielinski, PharmD, AHFI, Codoxo, VP of Customer Success. “Healthcare leaders are craving more knowledge about ways to better manage costs and avoid fraud and waste, but often find it challenging to track and monitor that information themselves. We’re dedicated to helping our customers do just that every day.”

The alerts have already proved valuable in addressing ongoing concerns across many emerging areas of COVID-19, including:

• Vaccination status diagnosis codes
• Latest testing guidelines
• Vaccine and administration codes
• Post COVID-19
• Telehealth

“Codoxo continues to disrupt the status quo of rising healthcare costs while providing continuous learning opportunities to our community of payment integrity and FWA experts,” said Musheer Ahmed, founder and CEO, of Codoxo. “Our aim is to continue to serve the healthcare industry by providing consistent, timely and informative updates.”

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Codoxo’s mission is to make healthcare more affordable and effective for everyone and serves as the premier provider of artificial intelligence-driven solutions and services that help healthcare companies and agencies proactively detect and reduce risks from fraud, waste, and abuse. The Codoxo Healthcare Integrity Suite helps clients manage costs across network management, clinical care, provider coding and billing, payment integrity, and special investigation units. Our software-as-a-service applications are built on our proven Forensic AI Platform, which uses patented AI-based technology to identify problems and suspicious behavior far faster and earlier than traditional techniques. Our solutions are HIPAA- compliant and operate in a HITRUST-certified environment. For additional information, visit

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