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Codoxo Leads Payment Integrity AI Discussion at the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute 2022 Annual National Conference


Codoxo Leads Payment Integrity AI Discussion at the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute 2022 Annual National Conference

Special case study session to review how artificial intelligence is put into practice to help pharmacy benefit managers protect their networks, clients, and bottom line

ATLANTA (September 8, 2022) – Codoxo, a trusted provider of healthcare artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare payers and agencies, will be presenting at the 2022 Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) 2022 Annual National Conference on Wednesday, September 14 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Codoxo, a Platinum Sponsor for the event, will present “Protect Your Network, Clients, & Your Bottom Line: An AI-Driven Journey to Proactive Payment Integrity,” in addition to exhibiting at booth #106 at the event.

In the one-hour session led by Jenna Colatruglio, Senior Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Operations​ at Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. (PDMI​), and Rena Bielinski, PharmD, AHFI, and Vice President of Customer Success at Codoxo​, the duo will explore the steep hill that pharmacy benefits organizations must climb to ensure program integrity amid skyrocketing healthcare spending. Colatruglio and Bielinski will present how PDMI and its Pharmacy Benefits Administrator (PBA) endeavored to adopt new, innovative methods for proactive fraud detection and shifted their conventional post-pay auditing from reactive to proactive.​

“The work we are doing with our pharmacy benefits customers is really breaking new ground in the industry and moving towards the proactive, pre-pay cost avoidance and fraud detection so many have promised, but have been unable to deliver. Artificial intelligence technologies hold the key, and we – and our customers – are way ahead of the competition in that arena,” stated Musheer Ahmed, Codoxo’s Chief Executive Officer. “When customers partner with us to explore what AI can deliver for them, they are often shocked by the millions of dollars that can be identified, both post- and pre-pay, that other technologies and services just weren’t able to capture.”

“Advancements in AI have been tremendously beneficial in many industries, but pharmacy benefits is just starting to tap into the potential that can be delivered from AI innovation,” said Colatruglio. “And, as an early adopter of AI in our industry, we are seeing significant results in fraud detection and cost avoidance and are thrilled to share our learnings with the membership and attendees at PBMI’s 2022 conference.”

Codoxo’s team will also be exhibiting at the event demonstrating how its Healthcare Integrity Suite, based on its patented AI technology and Forensic AI Platform, is helping pharmacy benefits management teams drive down costs and increase fraud detection, making it more accurate and efficient.

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